Beginner’s group 成人剣道部

Information meeting

Tuesday 14th March 2023 20:00

Open trainings for beginners

Thursday 16th March 2023 19:30

Why kendo?

Trainings from each player require effort, discipline and commitment, but also teach humility and respect for other people, according to the principle of respecting one’s rival. The adrenaline that accompanies training and competitions, the atmosphere of shared passion, Japanese tradition, the smile and patience of the instructors are the mixture that makes kendo a world that we can rediscover every day.

Why the Warsaw Kendo Club?

We are a licensed club of the Polish Kendo Federation. Our instructors and players are former and current Polish Champions, medalists of the European Championships and many international tournaments. Our instructors also include the coaching staff of the Polish National Team!

Specially prepared trainings broken down by the level of advancement and goals set by the players will help you find your own way of the sword and realize your inner decisions.

Where and when?

Trainings take place at ul. Oszmiańska 23/25 in Warsaw (Rondo Żaba tram and bus stop) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19.30-21.30.

Do you have any more questions?

The opening of the beginner group will be held with special information meetings combined with registration and demonstrations (attendance at one is enough). You will learn about all the details about our club, fees, regulations, promotions, meet our instructors, and – if you have not had the opportunity yet – see this sport live.

You should take loose sports clothes (tracksuits and a T-shirt) with you to the classes. The club provides basic equipment for people starting training.

Unable to join first training session? Don’t worry, you can joind beginner’s course until the end of September – just come to the training and after a short informative meeting with our instructor, you can practice with the beginner group the same day.